7 of Australia’s best beaches

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As Australia is a continent entirely surrounded by the ocean, it is completely understandable why it features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The coastal area extends for over 50,000 kilometers with more than 10,500 beaches in total, meaning that there is a beach for everyone. There are all kinds of beaches including the ones perfect for people-watching, taking amazing dips, sunbathing, watching the sunset, swimming, observing wildlife, surfing and doing all kinds of watersports.

1. Wineglass Bay

The list of best beaches in Australia starts with Wineglass Bay. It is a beach located in Tasmania and it is often voted one of the top beaches in the world. The Wineglass Bay lies on a small island, located around 250 kilometers off the Australian mainland. It definitely represents one of the country’s most spectacular shorelines. The beach is unusually shaped and that’s what makes it so stunning. It is shaped like a shell and the land is comprised mainly of pink granite, which makes a breathtaking scene at the point at which it coincides with the sapphire-like waters. There is an interesting fact about the origin of the name: it dates back to times when whaling was popular and the waters were stained with red blood.

2. Bondi Beach

If you enjoy spending time at bustling beaches, beaming with people – Bondi beach is the perfect place for you. White, sandy beaches, curling waves, sandstone cliffs, lively bars, and restaurants are all features of this highly popular beach. The beach is also the host of weekend markets and all kinds of festivals that attract many people. Besides these features, Bondi beach is a significant historical place being the birthplace of the first Surf Life Saving Club in 1907. Fun fact related to this famous beach is that in the previously mentioned year, bikinis became a common beach attire.

3. Burleigh Beach

The sixth-largest city in Australia, the Gold Coast is home to a beach that is ideal for all kinds of watersports. It’s no wonder as it has a coastline that’s 57 kilometers long! There are a few tranquil suburbs along the coastline, including Burleigh Heads with some of the most amazing sandy beaches. This particular beach is so diverse and amazing as it features great waves on one side, ideal for adventurous surfers and calm waters on the other side, perfect for doing relaxing sports such as kayaking, swimming, and standup paddleboarding. The coast is also ideal for other sports and forms of entertainment such as jogging, cycling, riding a scooter or flying a kite. So, if you decide on visiting this very active beach, make sure to attach your scooter on a scooter stand, pack your kite and jogging shoes in your car and you are sure to have an amazing and fitness-oriented holiday on a sunny beach. The environment is rich in fragrant pines and the beach is packed with places where you can try artisan coffee and have a protein brunch.

Burleigh Beach

4. Cossies Beach

Some of Australia’s most scenic stretches of beaches are located on Cocos Islands. Geographically, these islands are closer to Indonesia than to Australia and the archipelago consist of 27 small islands featuring picturesque coral reefs, white-sand beaches, palm trees, and soothing blue lagoons. One of the most popular beaches is certainly the Cossies Beach, located on Direction Island. You can go around the island in less than an hour, so you can enjoy the rest of the time relaxing in a comfy beach chair, taking in your vitamin D. For those more adventurous tourists, there is plenty of places to go snorkelling.

5. Bells Beach

Southwest of Melbourne, a hundred kilometers along the Great Ocean Road, Bells Beach is a true heaven for surfers. The coast features some steep red clay cliffs and reefs, with great waves for only the experienced surfers and swimmers. The beach is also a host of competitions such as the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival. It is an ideal place for the oldest surfing competition as the waves reach 5 meters and they’re quite challenging between March and October. There are many popular tourist facilities along the beach and also alternatives such as sailing for those who are not fans of this extreme sport.

6. Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach is a family-friendly beach many people choose for their holiday resort. It is located 130 kilometers north of Brisbane and it offers many fun summer activities for families. You can learn how to surf here, as the waves are gentle and the beach is packed with lifeguards and experienced surfers, ready to provide professional help and training. As the beach faces north, the waters are quite warm. The beach also features many restaurants, bars, and cafes, ready to cater to tourist needs.

Cable Beach

A famous beach in Western Australia that has an interesting story behind its name. Cable Beach got its name from the cable that was laid in 1889 between Broome and Java. The peak season is from May to October, but even then the beach is not overcrowded. It offers a peaceful, serene and tranquil environment, perfect for recharging. At the end of the day, you can lay back with a cold cocktail in your hand and enjoy the sunset over the Indian Ocean. A one of kind experience, for sure. The beach is 22 kilometers long and it is surrounded by red ochre cliffs which make a stunning contrast with the white sand. You can even ride a camel along the beach! As far as the souvenirs are concerned, in the shops along the beach, you can purchase South Sea pearls to remind you of this amazing place.

Australia is often depicted as ‘the land of sunshine’, and for good reason. Along the entire coastline of this large continent as well as the belonging islands, you can find many more amazing beaches that are sure to satisfy your needs.

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