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Compare foreign currency rates for home delivery

Lots of foreign exchange companies will tell you they offer the best rates or have no fees but can you be sure? Do you always go to the same supplier when you need holiday money for your trip overseas?

Compare Holiday Money has made it even easier for you to find the best deals on foreign currency and have it delivered straight to your home address or local post office. We have launched our brand new home delivery pages which will list all currency suppliers offering delivery to your residential home address and show their live exchange rates so you can see who is offering the best deals. We have even factored in postage costs so you can see exactly how much currency you will get for your dollars.

How to find the best deals

To find the best deals and compare foreign exchange rates navigate to the homepage. Select the currency you wish to buy and click “Compare Rates”. We are currently comparing over 60 currencies. You will be presented with a list of suppliers for that currency and their rates.

The default amount is set at $750 and the best deals will always be at the top. You can easily change the amount you want to spend and the payment method that you prefer by entering it in the selection box at the top of the page. By default we show credit/debit cards and EFT payment methods but if you want to pay by Polipay or Bpay just select this at the top and it will show suppliers that offer these methods of payment.

When you have entered your selection click “Compare Rates” and it will re-order the list.

To find out more about any of the companies just click on the “more details” link, this will show you a lot more information about each business and help you to make a choice.

Each supplier will have a review page and you can read the reviews by clicking on the link. And we would encourage you to leave a review of your experience with any of the suppliers which will be useful for other website users and help them to make an informed choice.

Clicking on the “Buy Now” button will direct you to travel money order page for each of the suppliers where you can make your purchase.

Click and collect

If you would still prefer to pick up your currency then use our click and collect page to select your currency and enter your location. This will show a list of all the foreign currency suppliers nearest to you and who is offering the best deals. We always recommend that you reserve your currency online first to get the online rates. If you just walk into a store you will probably get a lower rate.


We hope that you will find our brand new comparison service useful and it helps you to find the best possible amount of travel money for your hard earned dollars. We will always welcome your comment or suggestion below or via our contact page.

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