Travelling with your pet dog?

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Travelling with your pet dog? Here’s 7 tips to make your trip fun and safe

Travelling to a different country can be hectic, and when you add your pet into the mix, it can seem quite overwhelming, to say the least. However, if you stick to certain rules and make sure that you are familiar with the best practices when it comes to travelling with pets, you can have a pleasant, safe journey. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of pointers that will ensure you and your four-legged friend have a wonderful, worry-free trip.

Pack everything your furry friend needs

When travelling with your pet, you need to make sure to bring everything they might need. Depending on the country you’re visiting, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with its laws and regulations and act accordingly. For example, if you’re travelling from Australia, your pet will lose its health status once you leave the country, and it can only return from “approved countries” so pet owners need to ensure they comply with the country’s export requirements.

Travelling with pets also means being prepared for everything, you can order what you need online and there are plenty of quality pet suppliers in Australia, saving some time which is crucial when preparing for a trip abroad. From grooming products to food and supplements, pet owners need to double-check if they have everything packed, and a travel checklist can come in handy in these situations.

Be ready for the road

After you’ve packed essentials such as food and medicines for your pet, the next step would be to pack things that will help them feel comfortable and safe in an unfamiliar environment. If they have a favourite stuffed animal, put it in their crate or carrier, and add a blanket or pillow for additional comfort. A squeegee will come in handy for removing pet hair from the seats while baking soda will help get the smell and stain out of car seat or carpet if your pet has an “accident”. If that happens, it’s good to keep a waste scoop and plastic bags at hand so you can easily dispose of the waste. Don’t forget to bring leash and harness for walking your pet, and pack tweezers to easily remove ticks from your pet’s fur.


Take your pet to the vet before you go

If you’re planning a big trip, it’s mandatory that you visit a vet before you go. Health checkups keep your dog up-to-date when it comes to vaccinations, and the veterinarian will provide you with the necessary information for keeping your pet healthy and safe while abroad. Let them know where you’re going and how long you’re staying so you know what to anticipate. During longer trips, pets may experience anxiety or become aggressive, so be sure to consult with your vet. If they suggest sedation, be sure to test it in advance and observe how your pet responds to it.

Go to a pet-friendly hotel

Going abroad with your furry friend means you’ll need to find a hotel that allows pets. Not all hotels do that, and if you manage to find the ones that do, expect to pay extra fees. Staying at a pet-friendly hotel also means you’ll need to follow certain rules and protocols. In case you need to leave your pet at the hotel, you need to make sure there’s someone who can watch them for you. Ask the hotel staff to recommend local pet-sitters and hire one beforehand so your pet isn’t left unattended.

Make sure you’re familiar with “petiquette”

As much as you may love your pet, you need to understand that not everybody is comfortable around animals. Some people are allergic to pet hair and dander, and others may get anxious around pets, especially if they had negative experiences in the past. Learning pet travel etiquette or “petiquette” can be very useful when vacationing with pets, so be sure to teach them some basic commands and manage their behaviour when in public.

Visit all places which allow pets

Other than finding a hotel that will accommodate both you and your pet, you’ll need to plan out different activities that the two of you can enjoy. Check with your hotel whether it has tailored programs for pet owners, and look for parks, beaches, and lakes where you can go for walks and have some fun together. To get yourself and your pet moving, go for a jog or a take them for a bike ride around the city, and be sure to bring snacks and water for when your furry friend gets tired and needs a break.


Take a lot of pictures

Traveling with your pet is a fun experience and probably the most fun the two of you will have together, so be sure to document your journey and capture all those funny, aww moments with your camera. Go on a city tour and find Instagrammable spots where you can ask someone to take photos of you and your four-legged friend having fun and just enjoying each other’s company. You’re sure to get showered with likes and comments and create memories you two will treasure forever.

Regardless of your destination and means of transportation, there are different factors to consider when travelling with your pet. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to embark on an exciting, fun-filled adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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