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Hello and welcome to the first blog post on compareholidaymoney.com.au  a currency exchange rate comparison website which allows you to compare all the best currency suppliers in Australia.

Following on from our very successful websites in the UK, Ireland and Germany we have now launched a brand new service in Australia that allows you to compare the rates offered by your local travel money suppliers. With our simple to use website, we display a result of providers near you and the exchange rate they are offering for each currency. These include some of the biggest suppliers in Australia such as Auspost and Travel Money Oz

How does it work?

Firstly from the homepage you can select the amount of dollars you want to spend and select the currency you want to buy.


Clicking on the ‘Compare Rates’ button will take you to the map screen where you can enter your location or postcode and select suppliers by nearest store or best exchange rate.


Clicking the ‘search’ button will return all the results in your area. You can click on any of the pins to find out more information about the supplier and click through to reserve your currency.

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Scrolling down the page you will see a list of all the suppliers listed under the map and by clicking their logo you will find more information and again you can click through to order your currency.

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The aggregated table automatically updates the latest rates and also tells you whether the provider will deliver the currency directly. These compared rates are available and updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Compareholidaymoney can help you save time walking down a high street trying to find the best suppliers because all the results are shown directly here.

We have over 50 currencies you’re able to select and see odds from suppliers. These include Pound Sterling, US Dollars, Singapore dollars, Chinese yuan plus many more.

To start comparing or to find out more, visit our website and if you know someone who might find our services useful then please pass the message on.

If you have any questions on our services please feel to let us know.

You can expect to find on our blog from now on the latest travel news, recommendations and ideas for your next travels. So if you’re going overseas in the near future, be sure to compare the best rates and stay updated.

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Graham Morley

Graham is the business development manager for Compare Holiday Money and an active blogger across the websites.

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