Where do Australians go on holiday abroad?

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Where do Australians go on holiday abroad?

According to official statistics over 11.2 million overseas trips were taken by Australian residents in 2018-19. Over half were for holiday purposes and the rest for other purposes such as business or visiting relatives.

Travel to other countries has become more and more popular in recent times thanks in part to much cheaper air travel and more Australians taking shorter and more frequent breaks through the year. This has also been reflected by the holiday companies. Overseas trips have increased by over 20% in 5 years.


New Zealand

No.1 and usually topping the list, not surprising given it’s location and the fact it’s an amazing country to visit. 1.45 million Aussies made the trip last year.


Not far behind with 1.31 million trips.

United States

The good old U.S of A chalked up just over 1 million Australian visitors last year – lucky USA! It’s 3rd in the list but how does it compare with New Zealand I wonder?

United Kingdom

Yes you can choose from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland – 4 countries in one! 667,800 visitors from Australia to the UK in 2018-19.


5th on the list surprisingly but had almost as many visitors as the UK with 610,000.

In order 5th to 10th were Thailand (down in numbers), Japan (up in numbers), India, Singapore and in 10th place Fiji with 345,300 Australian visitors.

Help and Assistance

With more and more of us visiting countries overseas it goes without saying that more of us needed assistance or help during our trip for a variety of reasons. Australian consular services are dotted around all over the world and in most major destinations you will be able to get help if you need it. Smartraveller, the Australian Governments travel advice website will give you detailed information on each country before you even visit so you can do your homework in advance. The most visited country page on the Smartraveller website overall last year were Indonesia, Vietnam, United States, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

According to statistics there were 13,715 consular assistance cases in 2018-19. The top 5 countries where assistance was needed were Thailand, United States, Philippines, Indonesia and China.

Source: Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Do you take out travel insurance when you take a trip abroad? Wherever you look it is highly recommended that you do and if you have a good look around it doesn’t need to be expensive.

According to recent market research 87% of people were attracted to countries with ‘risk-factors’.

51% were thinking of going to a destination with a level 2 advice alert or higher.

10% were uninsured altogether and that rose to 22% for men under 30! Most people who travelled without insurance did so because they thought they would be safe.

53% of people didn’t realise that travel insurance may not cover them for destinations with Smartraveller level 3 and 4 warnings.


Wherever you may be thinking about travelling to in the future, much more information on travelling overseas can be found on the Government Smartraveller website.

And don’t forget that wherever you go you will need the local currency and you will find the best deals and exchange rates on Compare Holiday Money.

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