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Order online with Travelex for our best rates and pickup from 2800 locations or have it delivered to your home.

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3 December 2019

Bought Chinese yuan

3 December 2019

The ordering was all good but not a very good mix of notes

Neil H

19 November 2019

Bought British pounds

19 November 2019

I made a little mistake with my order but the lady on the customer service sorted it for me with no problems. would highly recommend.


23 October 2019

Bought travel money

23 October 2019

Always use travelex. Rates are genrally good and the pick up is always easy with nothing to complain about.


16 October 2019

Bought Euros

16 October 2019

Good rate and picked up from post office with no probs

Philip K

10 October 2019

Bought $600 worth of British pounds

10 October 2019

The website is easy to use and I trust this company so i will use them again

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